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Please read!

UCSD Wiki is in its very early stages. Anyone is free to edit or create pages, and any additions are greatly appreciated. The site is in need of any kind of articles: classes, departments, majors, student life, events... anything! Register for an account -- or not -- and start editing! Thanks!

- UCSD Wiki admin

About UCSD Wiki is an unofficial communal project meant to capture the collective knowledge of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) community. The goal is to provide an easy way for students to share campus information with other students.

UCSD's current website is very spread out and compartmentalized. It's often difficult to find basic information, and some information, like details about the Graffiti Room, the locations (and photos!) of the Underground Tunnels, and the culture of Sun God, is either undocumented or not publicly available. UCSD Wiki's purpose is to let students explore every aspect of their school with the collective power of the community.

Wiki Community

There are currently 163 articles.

Student Life
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